5 Ways to Pimp Your Water

By: Jenny Tschiesche BSc(Hons) Dip(ION) FdSc BANT


Drinking enough water can be challenging at times. You get busy, stuck at your desk or so engrossed in your work that you forget to drink enough. Infusing water with fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables is simple, inexpensive, and the bonus is that you can avoid artificial colours and flavours and boost your daily water intake in the process. For some ideal combinations of vegetables, fruits and herbs that can pimp up your water read on.


Pineapple and Mint

Pineapple is a naturally sweet fruit which helps the flavour profile of water. Importantly, at this time of year especially, it is also a source of the enzyme bromelain. This enzyme has been shown to help reduce the histamine reaction shown in response to seasonal allergens. Encouragingly, mint has also been shown to have antihistamine effects on the body so if you are someone who suffers from allergies then this could be the combination for you. You may have seen these two flavours combined in salsas, desserts and dare I say it, even cocktails. That is because it is a natural marriage of flavours and will make your water taste great!

Watermelon and Basil

Watermelon is known for its own water content so by including this in your water you are selecting a hydrating ingredient to add to your already hydrating water. It also provides you with vitamin C which is known to help immune support and skin health. Watermelon is a source of the antioxidant lycopene, which is associated with many health benefits, including slowing down the ageing process.

Meanwhile, basil contains many vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidants such as lutein, zeaxanthin, beta-carotene, and beta-cryptoxanthin. These nutrients are associated with reducing oxidative stress on the body reducing your chances of illness and disease.

These two flavours marry well, especially when used to help flavour water.

Citrus Fruits – Lemon and Orange or Lemon and Lime

Citrus fruits tend to be associated with their vitamin C content and their contribution to digestive health. Associated benefits include clearer skin, improved digestion and detoxification. These citrus fruit combinations are incredibly refreshing and really do encourage you to want to drink more water.

For increased nutritional benefit try to include the pith with the fruit segments in your water. These contain flavonoids that are found in far greater amounts here than anywhere else in the fruit.

Lime, Strawberry and Mint

Antioxidants, vitamin C and the soothing effects of mint combine to help provide a detoxing drink in this lime, strawberry and mint combination.

Whilst lime segments and their pith contribute powerful flavonoids, the antioxidants from strawberries and the antihistamine effects of mint make this a delicious combination for spring when strawberries and mint will be most abundant here in the UK.

Cucumber and Mint

This pimped up water combination is super hydrating. Cucumbers are made up primarily of water, they are a great source of vitamin B, and are rich in potassium and magnesium.  They contain an anti-inflammatory flavanol called fisetin, which has shown to improve brain health.

Mint provides multiple health benefits, both seasonal and all year round. You can also marry cucumber with other herbs such as basil for alternative health benefits and a slightly different flavour profile.

I hope these combinations provide you with some ideas for making water more alluring and helping you to stay hydrated.