Homeschooling And Working Full Time

Homeschooling and working full time

You don’t have to do this alone

You know how you thought you were busy before all this? Omigod, what you’d give to go back in time, eat your words and save yourself the overstretched horror of homeschooling and working full time. Because seriously, how is this situation still supposed to work?

The answer: delegate, delegate, delegate. Here are five ways to share the load...


Have your kids make their own breakfast with genius videos like this

Banana pancakes, scrambled eggs and sticky buns are on the menu - get your order in now. And yes please, you’d like breakfast in bed. Now, there must be a video guide somewhere that can teach your kids to load the dishwasher all by themselves while you get cracking on your inbox...


Throw virtual playdates via Zoom

No, the kids won’t understand that no-one’s listening if they all talk at the same time. But they do get to see each other’s faces and make fun of their parents, which gives you 30 valuable minutes to get some work done.

 Zoom for children

Send your child to YouTube University

Whether your kids are of an age where they’ll earnestly immerse themselves in How To Draw A Unicorn tutorials or panic about their infinitesimal calculus homework (um, whaaaat?), call in the big guns at YouTube Kids. The app is totally family-friendly with educational videos made for children that patiently explain everything from the art of  drawing a winged unicorn to complicated maths. Let’s be honest, that’s patience we don’t have.


Embrace the chance to bond and go for quality over quantity

Block out an hour in your work diary for a ‘very important client meeting’ so you can give your kid some much-needed undivided attention. Result: they feel reassured and fulfilled, and quite fancy wandering off to play independently. That’s a total result for you, because you now have time and space to concentrate.

 Time for kids

Give yourself a major high five

Sure, your to-do list is longer than a supermarket queue but if your children are fed, not dead, at the end of the day then you’ve won. Staying positive is essential when you’re juggling this many things at once, so focus on the things you did achieve - however small - rather than those you didn’t. Be kind to yourself, and you’ll get through this.


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