How To WFH Without Losing Your Mind

How to WFH without losing your mind

How long has it been already?! As long as we finish lockdown without being frogmarched out of our home wearing knickers on our heads, we’ll take it as a win.

So, you may have heard about this coronavirus thing going on? We may have taken the whole ‘stay at home’ message too literally, as we’ve got so comfortable with working from home these last few months we can barely remember what our lives were like before. 

With so much going on in the world that we can’t control, we need to celebrate what we can control. Because when things feel sci-fi levels of scary, it helps to know that in this moment, we’re actually OK. And is it alright to say that we’ve kinda had fun under this whole lockdown situation too? 

Here’s how to continue to work from home without losing your mind... 


Roll with your routine

Look, we know ‘routine’ is not a sexy word. But routine is comforting, and it gives us structure to the current chaos beyond our four walls. When we know what to expect, we send our body the signal that it is safe. Lots of us have slid into haphazard working hours, tapping away on our laptops late at night. Stick to your normal work hours as much as you can, and sanity will be your reward.


Master video conferencing etiquette

“You’re on mute!” “Sorry, I think my connection just dropped out!” “Down boy! Sorry, my dog is desperate to join this call.” Been there, done that. Now we’re onto next level video conferencing. Have you heard about Zoom’s secret beauty filter? At the lower left hand corner of the screen, find ‘video settings’ then tick ‘touch up my appearance’. Hello, instant glow.

 Zoom meetings


Take micro breaks

We need physical and mental breaks to keep going - lockdown is a marathon, not a sprint. So, set a timer to take breaks from your screen every 20 minutes. Look out the window - is that a flock of ducks reclaiming your street? - to give your eyes a break and prevent eye strain. Take a proper lunch break. Translation: no screens, no eating at your desk. 


Eat real food

Radical, we know! It’s so easy to take the Everest “because it’s there” approach to grabbing something to eat. Especially when we can’t always get what we need in the supermarket, and we can’t go out as often so we’re not eating as much fresh food as we used to. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back with nutriburst’s Health & Vitality multivitamin: this berry delicious gummy delivers the nutritional support our bodies need. And if your meal planning game needs major attention, make your life easy with a healthy meal delivery service like Mindful Chef, Gousto or Hello Fresh

Real Food 


Exercise flexes our inner strength: it makes us more resilient. But getting outside to exercise once a day doesn’t always feel like enough to combat being cooped up inside all the rest of the time, so here’s where free online workouts are coming to the rescue. Yoga with Adriene delivers soothing stretches, toning workouts and a side order of therapy - her Anchor in Hope flow feels very right for now. Or if you’re in the mood to sweat out some pent-up frustration, try this boxing HIIT workout from the women at Boxx Method.


Call friends

Until we can properly see our loved ones IRL, we’re becoming increasingly inventive about the digital ways we see our friends in big groups. Zoom and House Party have had a lot of attention, but we rate Google Meets for get togethers. It’s free, there’s no time limit, and only the host needs a gmail address - attendees simply click the link. Download the grid view thingymajig so you can see everyone on the call, and use the chat function to bring an extra dimension - or privacy - to the hangout.

 Zoom with friends

Sleep well

Nope, we didn’t think we’d make a living video calling clients from our bedroom either, but that’s our new normal right now. If your bedroom is the only space available to work in, then having a definitive finishing time can really help separate work from the rest of your life. Try taking your officially sanctioned fresh air at the end of your working day to mark that finishing time loud and clear to your brain. The combination of logging out, fresh air and exercise will all help you sleep tonight. Sweet dreams.


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