Lucky nutriburst winners have their nutritional therapy consultation - find out what happened as we follow one of the winners experience!

By Evie Whitehead, reg.qualified Nutritional Therapist DipION, mBANT, CNHC

 Lucky nutriburst winners have their nutritional therapy consultation - find out what happened as we follow one of the winners experience!

Last month two lucky nutriburst devotees won a free consultation with me as one of @nutriburst’s Nutritional Therapist so I wanted to tell you about the consultation process and what they experienced so you can get a feel for what Nutritional Therapy is all about.


Some people think that I only tell people what to eat, but Nutritional Therapy is so much more; it is all about you and how unique you are and how personalised nutrition can help supercharge your health and get to the root cause of symptoms quickly and effectively.


So, what is Nutritional Therapy?


You can think of me a bit like a health detective, I search for clues in your symptoms and diet, lifestyle and family history which helps build a picture of where your health may be influenced by your genes, environment and diet. Building a personalised nutrition plan to help you achieve your health goal is the very best way to get resolution for what might feel like a lifetime of suffering for some.


Who does it help?


I sent the lucky winners some online forms to complete which I then analyse and build up a profile of your health goals, health concerns, medication, symptoms, existing conditions and past health history. This helps me to create a picture of what is going on and leads me onto research the latest, relevant scientific evidence that helps me to understand how people with a similar condition/symptom have successfully been treated and recovered. It also allows me to check for interactions between medications and nutrients – this is how some nutrient deficiencies can occur.


Nutritional Therapy can help anyone who has got an existing condition or symptoms or even just simply confused over what they should be eating; with so much conflicting advice available on Dr Google it is easy to lose your way.


It is invaluable for busy Mums who focus their attention on their family first, and often forget about themselves! We are often so busy in our every-day lives that we grab and go with quick, easy food that saves time but may not be nourishing us effectively. The winner’s experience outlined below is one such case; a very busy, working Mum called Lucy.


Lucy’s consultation


Lucy wanted me to help her with her extreme fatigue, aches and pains. In her own words she had suffered with aches, pains and IBS symptoms all of her life. She was a busy Mum and was working as a cleaner and felt like she was running on empty and, she was! Lucy is probably a lot like you and me; she is a very busy lady, balancing a home, family and work life. Low energy, poor sleep, aches and pains plagued her every day and she often relied upon quick and easy snacks to help her keep going. I listened to her tell me about her life; her environment, her work, family and worries and her symptoms that she wanted my help with. As a gut health specialist, I wanted to drill down and find the root cause of some gut issues; constipation, bloating and how this is linked with the fatigue, aches and pains she was suffering with.


Lucy found it very helpful when I explained that her food choices and eating on the go could be attributing to her fatigue and constipation. She told me that she ate her food very quickly as she was always short on time and needed to get on with her job (sound familiar?). This can cause disruption to digestion leading to bloating and gas, so I recommended that Lucy take a little time out to slow down for mealtimes. There were some missing nutrients from Lucy’s diet which was low on foods rich in Magnesium and fibre that are critical for energy and were also likely be adding to her constipation and poor sleep, so I made sure she was getting her recommended servings of fruit and vegetables and added in a Magnesium supplement to help with constipation and sleep. I also recommended a nice magnesium rich Epsom salt bath to help soothe aches and pains.


I suspected low Vitamin D levels too as aches and pains and fatigue are a common symptom of deficiency and what with us being in the northern hemisphere in the UK it was very unlikely that she would be getting enough. I recommended testing to check on vitamin D levels and some other nutrients that if deficient could be attributing to her aches and pains.


We worked together to build a realistic, achievable health plan; to make some tweaks to her breakfast and lunches and made sure she was including enough energy-releasing nutrients such as folate, magnesium and fibre to provide a slower releasing energy and reduce aches and pains..


I look forward to continue working with Lucy to ensure all her nutritional needs are being met so she can carry on doing the amazing job that she does of being a very busy, working Mum!


Lucy’s experience:


This is what Lucy had to say herself about the consultation process:


“I recently had an hour consultation with Evie. I have been suffering with lots of aches and pains and feeling that I was lacking certain vitamins and minerals. I was pleased as Evie had already sent me a questionnaire prior to our meeting, so she was up to date on what I was hoping to get out of the session. I was recommended lots of easy changes. Such as healthier swaps for breakfast, snacks. The recommended portions of fruit and veg. Also ideas to aid regular bowel movements (thats now working a treat!). Taking vitamin D drops and Magnesium tablets daily. I am now having a bath with epsom salts regularly, which is helping. It was interesting to hear some basic science about my eating habits (I eat very quickly). Also what certain foods are going to be better for me than others. I now add salad, veg or fruit to every meal and am a lot more mindful of what I'm putting into my body. I'm looking forward to seeing more benefits of Evie's advice as the month goes on.”



The plan we created was unique, tailormade just for Lucy so she had really laser-targeted recommendations along with tasty recipes of food she loves, and some helpful guides on nutrition to help her implement these changes.


Eating Better and Feeling Better

 healthy food

Eating better and balanced meals doesn’t have to be time consuming or difficult, it is really about taking a different view and with a little bit of planning you can get in control of your health and energy levels once again.


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