What To Do This Weekend?

What to do this weekend?

Yay! It’s the weekend! But as lockdown eases up, WTF shall we do?

We’re all about the bright side here - there’s enough doom and gloom elsewhere in the world, right? So while we can’t meet friends for smashed avocado on sourdough or dive into a wine cellar on date night, let’s make the most of all the good times we can have, virtually. Start here...


Indulge with a lazy brunch

You’re not rushing off to spin class this weekend, so treat yo’self to a lovely lazy brunch, starting with a decent brew. There’s a time and a place for instant coffee: never, and in the bin. Invest in an Italian-style stovetop pot or French cafetiere with the best quality ground beans you can find in the supermarket. Stock up on eggs, sourdough, avocados and chipotle chilli flakes if you fancy a kick. Extra points for getting the papers - now we finally have a few hours to read them.


Try something new

That holiday you had to postpone? Download Duolingo to learn the language ready for your next trip. That new career you’ve been toying with for years? There are over 500 Ivy League courses available online, mostly for free. Your almost-forgotten New Year’s resolution to learn calligraphy / master watercolour painting / or bake the ultimate chocolate fondant? Here’s your chance. And if your chocolate fondant goes well, we’re coming round when lockdown is over.


Immerse yourself in culture

Some of the world’s top museums have opened their virtual doors during lockdown. Take a tour of Egyptian antiquities at the Louvre, see sunflowers up close at Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum, go back in time at the British Museum, with narrated tours of treasures including Ancient Greek carvings, Mayan jade and Babylonian seals. This is the time to deep dive into art so we come out of lockdown with greater insight and understanding.


Go out-out

Quizzed out already? Try this Pull The Cork isolation tasting case, or get your dancing shoes on for virtual club nights on YouTube with the likes of Ibiza Rocks resident Patrick Nazemi, broadcasting live from his kitchen every Friday and Saturday from 8pm. In the privacy of your own home, turn up the volume and sing along to show tunes with Waitress star Katharine McPhee and her piano-playing husband on Instagram Live. Who knew lockdown would be so social?


Get your house in order

All those projects you’ve been meaning to do for ages? Now’s the time to Kondo your underwear drawer, colour code your books and paint your scufffed walls. And there’s a bigger goal going on here: getting organised is all about feeling some control while the world’s in chaos. But what podcast will be your moral support while you’re overhauling your home? We like How to Manage Anxiety in a Global Pandemic with Dr Chatterjee, creative inspiration with Elizabeth Gilbert or, to escape into a totally different space it has to be Dolly Parton’s America.

 organising closet


And if you don’t feel like doing anything…

That’s totally OK. We’re in the middle of a pandemic. You’ve got enough on your plate right now. And you’re going to be fine, promise.


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