Which nutriburst Gummy Vitamins Can I Take Together?

Which Nutriburst Gummy Vitamins Can I Take Together?

By Jenny Tschiesche BSc(Hons) Dip(ION) FdSc BANT

The modern western diet leaves many of us lacking in vital nutrients. These nutrients are required for optimal health and wellbeing and with nutrient deficiencies not only will we not function at our best, but we won’t look our best either.

The choice to supplement is a simple one, what to choose to supplement with can be confusing. The nutriburst range is well designed to make it simple to support your body’s needs. Whilst almost everyone can benefit from supplementing a good quality multivitamin – the Health & Vitality Multivitamin from nutriburst is ideal for this – others may benefit from combining this supplement with others in the range. Let’s think of the Health & Vitality as your foundation for health and look at what you may want to add on:

  • If you’re darker skinned or you live in a place with less sun then you might want to add to the base Health & Vitality with Healthy Muscles and Bones Calcium and Vitamin D.
  • If you’re concerned about the strength and health of your nails and hair then look at adding the Advanced Nutrition- Hair, Skin and Nails to the foundation.
  • If you’re planning to get pregnant then the Prenatal Health would be a useful addition.

You may choose to supplement all five of the supplements in the range. In theory there is absolutely no problem with this. However, I would recommend that you think about your health objectives and remember to focus on these. If, for example, you want to focus on hair and skin health then the combination of the foundation i.e. the Health & Vitality and the Advanced Nutrition- Hair, Skin and Nails should be ideal for you.

Furthermore, I should remind you that supplements do not make up for a poor diet. Supplementing may actually make it easier for us to eat a better diet by reminding our bodies of what its nutrient needs are and how good we can feel when we supply the body with the right nutrition. Try to move towards a whole food diet and introduce more plant-based foods as well as good quality proteins and fats as part of your overall health strategy.

Some people worry about over supplementing. Whilst this is a legitimate concern the nutriburst range is designed such that those vitamins and minerals that are harder for the body to rid excess amounts of do not appear in the range in large amounts. Those that are easier to detoxify such as water-soluble biotin do appear in larger amounts which allows your body to use only what it needs and get rid of what it doesn’t.


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