How long do nutriburst gummy vitamins take to work?

nutriburst are plant-based, sugar-free gummy vitamins with a mission to make it easier for everyone be a little bit healthier. At nutriburst we don’t make wild promises. We all react differently to nutrients because we’re all different. A lot depends on your body and lifestyle.

What we can say, is that we think you’ll notice the nutriburst benefits in three months. Click here and let us know how you get on. 

What is the benefit of gummy vitamins?

Easy: you get the vitamins and minerals you need in one small, delicious, chewy package. No forcing down giant smelly pills. Chewing gummy vits genuinely feels like a little treat.

Do you have a monthly subscription?

Yes! You can receive your nutriburst vitamins monthly by selecting the option labeled as ‘Subscribe & Save’. This is available for any of our single products. This is an automatic shipment, free of hidden fees! You may cancel at anytime!

For a one time purchase only, you may select the 'One-Time Purchase' option.

How does the subscription work?

For any single pack product, simply select the ‘Subscribe & Save’ option on the product page, and then ‘Add to cart’. This will automatically bill this amount on that same day every month, and post out to you a brand new bottle of vitamins each time. 

What’s the benefit of your subscription?

You get a 15% off every single month for every product you have selected. This discount will stay with you for the duration of your subscription. It will also ensure you never run out of your vitamins!

When can I cancel my subscription?

Whenever you wish! Simply email us at hello@nutriburstvitamins, confirming the email address linked with your subscription, and our team can cancel, edit or pause your subscription at any point in time. This will cancel any upcoming payments and deliveries.

When’s the best time to take my vitamins?

Whenever you fancy. You do you. You might find it helps to chew your gummies around the same time every day, so this healthy habit becomes part of your regular routine.

Who is nutriburst for?

Anyone 12 years and over who want to make being healthy that little less taxing! Without trying too hard. Or sacrificing fun stuff like nachos and nights out. We’ve got a range of products tailored to suit your needs, whether you want more energy , healthy hair skin &nails , you’re pregnant , healthy muscles & bones , or a multivitamin for health vitality

Are vitamin gummies suitable for children?

Sorry kids, these gummy vits aren’t suitable for children under 12 years old. But if you’re 12 or over, YES! Welcome to Team nutriburst. For everyone 12 and above, we recommend chewing 2 a day as part of a healthy balanced diet. nutriburst gummies may look and taste like sweets, but they’re definitely vitamins and it’s best to stick to the recommended dosage. Keep your gummy vits out of sight and reach of kids under 12 - they’re not for sharing!

Are these vitamin gummies for men?

Yes - we’re all about equal opportunities, in fact, did you know that men even benefit from taking folic acid? It’s not just for pregnant women; folic acid’s number one responsibility is healthy cell development. Research shows this supplement can improve hair growth and improve sperm count, too. Just saying.

What’s the best way to store my nutriburst gummies?

Keep your gummy vits out of sight and reach of children. Close the lid tightly after every use as an extra precaution. Your supplements are happiest at room temperature - that’s between 15-38°C / 59-100.5°F. Normal humidity is absolutely fine (fine for vitamins, but not so much for our frizz. But that’s another story).

How long does a bottle of nutriburst gummies last?

One month*. You’ve got 60 gummies in your bottle, and we recommend chewing 2 a day. * Strictly speaking, if that month has 30 days (September, April, June and November, as the chant goes).

Is your packaging recyclable?

We currently use pots to ensure we keep your gummy vits safe from being squished. However the good news is both our bottle and lid are recyclable. Simply unscrew the lid, toss both parts in the recycling bin and get set for good karma.

Can I get a monthly subscription?

Coming soon

Where can I buy nutriburst?

Right here.  nutriburst is available exclusively online - you can get your favourite gummy vits on Amazon too.

Oh no! The product I’m looking for is out of stock. What now?

Please don’t cry. We’re doing our best to get more stock right now. Subscribe to our newsletter so you’ll be the first to hear when your favourite gummies are in.


Are vitamin gummies sugar-free?

nutriburst gummies are totally sugar-free. 

Are nutriburst gummies vegan?

100%. Every variety, every time: all totally vegan.

Are nutriburst gummies vegetarian?

Absolutely. And they’re vegan too.

What are the best vegan gummy vitamins?

OK, we’re biased, but: nutriburst. Every time.

Are vitamin gummies halal suitable?

Yes, nutriburst gummies are halal suitable. To paraphrase Lionel Ritchie, “Halal, it’s me you’re looking for”.

Are vitamin gummies gluten-free?

Yes, nutriburst is gluten-free. So whether you’re coeliac or you’re just more comfortable not eating wheat, these gummy vits are on your side.

Are nutriburst gummies cruelty-free?

nutriburst gummies are completely cruelty-free. We never test on animals and we make your gummies exclusively with natural food-based ingredients.

Are nutriburst gummies made with non-GMO ingredients?

nutriburst gummies are all officially GMO-free. That means your supplements are made without ingredients that came from genetically engineered organisms.


Where do you ship to?

Everywhere! We ship all over the UK, throughout Europe and the rest of the world too. UK deliveries: standard shipping is 2-3 days, but if you’re rushed then select next day delivery at checkout. European deliveries: standard shipping is 3-5 days. Rest of the world: standard shipping is 5-7 days. Please note, due to Covid19, Royal Mail delivery times can take a little longer, please be patient (I promise you it will be worth it :) )

Do you ship to Timbuktu?

Give us 5-7 days, and yes, we’ll get your vitamin gummies safely to Timbuktu.

Refunds and Returns

Can I return my order?

Hey. U ok hun? We hope you won’t want to return our yummy gummy vits. But if you need to, here’s the situation: We can refund within 14 days of purchase, only if the product is in the same condition that you received it. Completely unused, in other words. Proof of purchase is required. Please contact us at with the subject ‘Refund Request’. Shipping costs are non refundable, sorry.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Simply email us at hello@nutriburstvitamins, confirming the email address linked with your subscription, and our team can cancel, edit or pause your subscription at any point in time. No drama.

My order has arrived but it’s damaged. What do I do?

We’re really sorry to hear your product’s damaged. At nutriburst we take great pride in the quality of our products and our customer service. So, here’s the plan: email us at and tell us what the problem is. Send us a photo and let us know the batch code (it’s printed on the bottom of the bottle) so we can do a thorough investigation and work out what’s happened.

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