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Triple Immunity

Supercharge your body’s defence with Triple Immunity, a power-packed supplement for a stronger immune system. Formulated for ages 12 and above.

  • Builds immunity
  • Protects cells from stress
  • Fights fatigue
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Formulated with a delicious blend of essential nutrients like Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, and Black Elderberry Extract to help support the immune system and energy levels. Formulated for ages 4 and above.

  • Boosted with Vitamin D3 to provide immunity support
  • Easy, chewable formula
  • Formulated for children aged 4 and above
  • Natural blueberry flavour
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  4.9 based on 42 reviews

Boosting Immunity Deliciously

"My immunity has been very low through illness - Triple Immunity has been a big help to me."

Revitalizing Wellness:

"I bought these for my adult daughter as she was feeling run down, lacking energy and constantly catching colds and bugs.  She is not happy with taking large tablets that are hard to swallow, leave an aftertaste and take so much time to take in the morning.  Now she will take these willingly and with ease....she says they are yummy! "

Gummies Galore

“Am noticing a difference in the way I feel, love the fact that it's gummies (rather than a tablet or drink)."

Armor Against Illness

“Gummies have given my immune system the boost it needed. These little treats are my daily armor against illness, and they taste delicious too. "

Kid-Friendly and Effective

"These gummies are in a fun shape for kids to take, they are smaller than I expected them to be. They taste great and are helping my kids bones grow. What's not to like? "

Convenient & Sugar-Free

“These gummies are yummy and convenient. You take 2 daily so this container of 60 will last you around a month. They taste great even though there is no added sugar unlike most similar products!  "

Vibrant & Natural

"I like the fact that these gummies don't contain any refined sugar. They are also vegan friendly and free from artificial flavours and colours. The latter is almost hard to believe as the blue and red colour of these gummies is really vibrant."

Picky Eater Approved

"These gummies are a lifesaver for my picky eater! My daughter loves the taste and looks forward to taking them every day. I appreciate that they are free from artificial flavours and colours, making me feel good about giving them to her. Highly recommend!"

Delicious & Nutritious

"I'm impressed with the quality of these gummies. Not only are they delicious, but they also provide essential nutrients for my child's growth and development. The fact that they are vegan-friendly is a huge bonus for our family. Will definitely be purchasing these again! "