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Age-Proof Your Skin: The New Rules for Youthful and Radiant Skin

Written by Helly parekh

Age-Proofing skin

All that time in doors was frustrating in a million ways, but it was not just good for our healthcare services, it was good for our skin.

Think about it: less UV damage, plus all the time in the world to give our complexion the TLC it’s been crying out for. Here are the new rules for peachy-perfect skin...


1. Thou shalt not be afraid of microneedling

Don’t freak out, because you’re not about to stab yourself in the face. Far from it: a  microneedling roller features needles so fine you can barely feel them, let alone bleed. The idea is that these teeny tiny needles stimulate the growth of collagen and elastin beneath the surface of our skin, temporarily reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Home microneedling kits are readily available online - look for a CE certification mark to make sure you’re getting a quality one.


2. Thou shalt upgrade from eye cream to eye masks

While eye cream is still a good daily go-to, the new wave of under-eye masks are reported to make a real difference. Hydration, hydration, hydration is the answer to puffiness, bags and dark circles. So the new wave of eye masks feature heaps of hyaluronic acid, held in place with a small sheet mask. All you need do is lie back for 10-30 minutes (perks of working from home, hey?), gently pat in the excess serum when you peel up the undereye strip, and enjoy the nice cushy effect on your skin. 

 eye mask

3. Thou shalt feed your skin

As well as nourishing your skin with products and treatments, the big buzzword in skincare for 2020 is supplements. Daily nutrients specially targeted for glowy skin - like vitamins A, C and E in nutriburst Hair, Skin & Nails - can give your complexion the TLC it needs from the inside out. 


4. Thou shalt get more sleep

You’re not going out that much, and you’re saving masses of time commuting. So now’s the time to max out on sleep. Most nights, less than half of us get the eight hours the World Health Organization advises. And while the WHO recommends that big chunk of sleep because the rest boosts our immune systems and protects us from inflammation and stress, we have to admit we’re very interested in the morning-after glow of a good night’s sleep that we can see in our skin. At night, our skin moves into recovery mode, which is all about repair and regeneration. This is the excuse to hit snooze we’ve been waiting for.

 Good sleep


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