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Environment and Sustainability

Improving the nutritional and environmental issues facing our world today.

We have achieved Net Zero Plastic Waste Footprint

Net Zero Plastic Footprint

We want to make a positive impact on the future and use innovative technology to use less energy, create less waste, and get more from our resources. In 2022, we became the first brand in our industry to be certified 'Net Zero plastic to nature.' We want people to join us in creating a healthier planet.

Net Zero Plastic Footprint: Combining Internal Reductions and Financed Removals.

  • We are working tirelessly to maintain our Net Zero Plastic Waste status by focusing on reducing our own plastic use and investing in global impact solutions.
  • Nutriburst achieved a Net Zero Plastic Footprint in 2022 by setting targets for reducing internal plastic use and investing in global climate action.
Reduce Optimize Invest
Consider Alternatives Improve Labeling Deploy Impact Investment
Minimize Material Use Enhance Recyclability Report Your Progress
Reuse & Refill Systems Source Recycled Content Communicate with Stakeholders

Table: Reduction strategy pursued by Nutriburst to achieve a Net Zero Plastic Footprint


We Are Carbon Neutral

Offsetting CO2 from Plastic Packaging.

At Nutriburst, we are working to remove the same amount of CO2 as created by our packaging through investing in a certified afforestation project in UK, in addition to meeting circular economy goals. This is part of our commitment to constantly strive and maintain our Carbon Neutral Status.

Establishing a Holistic Approach to Corporate Sustainability

  • Going Beyond Carbon: Reducing our carbon footprint along the entire value chain is a clear priority for us. However, we want to go beyond emission reductions and do our bit to preserve the oceans, empower communities, and regenerate farmland. Sustainability goes beyond carbon at Nutriburst - it includes environmental, social, and economic stewardship.
  • Enabling a Just Transition: We are convinced that a climate-friendly and circular economy is only possible with the broad support of diverse communities worldwide. Therefore we want to promote gender equality and human rights across our entire value chain.
  • Partnership for the Goals: Pursuing a holistic approach to sustainability requires a suite of partners and initiatives. We chose Ampliphi and their network to professionalize our internal optimization initiatives while supporting positive impact projects that are adjacent to our business.

Plastic Removal Project in India via Green Worms

We are supporting Green worms. Green Worms is a company that aims to create jobs and reduce plastic pollution by using a circular economy. They started in a small village in India and have grown to focus on coastal communities and islands. They are working to improve waste management in the Kozhikode region of India, where plastic bottles are collected and sold but other types of plastic are often discarded or burned.

Positive Impact Created

Sustainable Development Goals Supported

Our Plastic Removal Project in India supports the following three SDGs: #3 Good Health & Well-Being, #6 Clean Water & Sanitation and #12 Responsible Design & Production.

Environmental & Ocean Conservation

By collaborating with Green Worms - a local social enterprise - we sponsor the collection and recovery of multi-layered plastics that are otherwise bound for nature. In 2022, we financed the removal of more than 5 metric tons of plastic waste, which is equivalent to 200,000 plastic bottles (assuming 25 grams per bottle).

Gender Equality & Human Rights

In collaboration with Green Worms, Nutriburst creates additional opportunities for local communities - especially women and informal waste workers. We chose to support an impact project that goes beyond environmental conservation and provides various socio-economic co-benefits. With our partner project in India, we found an opportunity to empower local individuals, while establishing the waste management systems and infrastructure needed to achieve an economy that leaves nobody behind.

Carbon Removal Project in the UK via Treeconomy

We have collaborated with Treeconomy. Treeconomy is a company that uses technology to remove carbon and protect biodiversity. They plant trees in a certified UK afforestation project in Melvich, Scotland, and space the planting to support native species and wildlife. They aim to align financial incentives and planetary well-being by accurately measuring and delivering value from nature.

Positive Impact Created

Sustainable Development Goals Supported

Our Carbon Removal Project in the UK supports the following two SDGs: #13 Climate Action and #15 Life on Land.

Climate Action

In collaboration with Treeconomy we financed the removal of 10 metric tons of CO2 from the atmosphere and enabled long-term storage. Thanks to our data-driven approach to monitoring, verification, and reporting, we can break down the carbon removal to individual trees and thereby prove our environmental impact.